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Farmtastic Recipe – Broccoli Cheese Soup

Yes, it’s still warm in Texas, but we are getting glimmers of fall with some cooler mornings and days that don’t make you melt. And when it comes to fall food, I absolutely love a good soup.  While Cowboy is not a soup fan, he’s more of a meat and potatoes fella (hold your shock), I think soups make great lunch time options or a quick dinner meal.  And with the shorter days of fall and farm chores to get in during daylight hours, I love something I can make on the weekend and get several meals out of during the week.

On the hunt for a great broccoli cheese soup, I let my fingers do the typing and came across a wonderful blog – The Recipe Critic.  Here are my notes on this bowl of soup that feels like a snuggly hug.

The Recipe: Panera Copycat Broccoli Cheese Soup

The Source: The Recipe Critic (click here for the official recipe)

Farmtastic Notes:

I made the soup as directed with a few little tweaks:

  • First, when making the roux, I added my salt and pepper at this step.
  • I add a touch more butter when sweating down my onions.  Admittedly this was because I was going too quickly, and misread the recipe, but it was still divine.  Butter makes everything better.
  • When it comes to broccoli, I wanted a bit more, so my thought was if 1 cup was great, 2 cups would be divine.  And just as I thought, I got yummy broccoli bits in every bite.  And while on the broccoli note, I used fresh florets chopped well.
  • Because I upped the broccoli factor, I reduced the carrots to about 1/3 of a cup, but I think 1/2 cup would have been perfect.  Also, instead of a julienne cut, I diced my carrots into small bite-size chunks.
  • For the cheese, I opted for a mild cheddar.  And if you get the finely shredded kind, it practically melts as soon as you add it to the soup.
  • Remember to keep the heat on a low simmer.  It can get steamy pretty quickly, and you don’t want the dairy to break on you.

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Overall, this soup was absolutely delicious, and is definitely going into the repertoire of wonderful fall meals. I’d love to hear what you think of this recipe, so give it a try and share your thoughts.

P.S. – In the photos, I’ve included some super cute kitchen must-haves.  Just ask Cowboy, I’m a sucker for adorable glassware and anything that makes the kitchen fun. Here’s where to find them:

  • If you like my adorable wooden spoon, it’s from ModCloth.  While they no longer carry the chirping birds, I absolutely love the fall version with a squirrel.  Just keep in mind it is a hand-wash only item.
  • The soup bowls are Fish Eddy vintage flower storage bowls. What makes these guys great is that they come with plastic lids so they are an excellent choice for fridge storage.  Measure out your soup and get it ready for the week. Also available at ModCloth

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