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Horse vs. Post

It’s been a wild couple of weeks around the farm, to say the least.  First, Yeller Feller spent his designated time at the vet to get his shots and get neutered.  Great news, he is a healthy little guy.  However, he and Nightmare are still working out the pecking order in and around the barn.  There’s been some hopping, some growling, and some swatting. (We are hopeful it will settle out soon, because this farm mamma likes to have happy fur-kids.)

The big news has been with Sweet Suzy Q.  She tested out her karate skills and took out a 4×4 post.  While I didn’t see it happen, I suspect she got in a situation where the fellas were annoying her, she bucked and took out the post.  While she is a black belt, she did a number on her back right leg, requiring over 20 stitches and resulting in two weeks of rest and healing.

Farm Photo - Busted 4x4 post
Horse vs. Post. Suzy beat the post, but the post left its mark on her, too.

As I’ve said before, these things don’t happen during business hours.  And to add a new twist, she not only did this late at night, but she waited until Cowboy wasn’t home.  I guess she just wanted to see just how much her mamma could cowgirl up.  (Thanks for the challenge, sweet girl!)

Once again, we owe great thanks to our amazing equine vets at Peak Performance Equine Hospital.  Our regular vet was out of town, but he called me right back and got in touch with the vet on call.  After exchanging texts and photos (another amazing way technology helps in a not so technical life), we decided the best bet was a night time visit.

Since Cowboy was still a couple of hours away, I called my dad in for some help and an extra set of hands.  As always, Dad came in a snap when I called him.  (Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl. More on that later.) We got Suzy all prepped and ready and waiting for the vet.  What a relief to see the headlights of the vet truck pull into the drive.

Out in the driveway with headlights and barn lights shining, the vet worked his magic and had Suzy stitched up in no time. Great news – the bone looked good and she missed her tendon. (Oh, and thank goodness for the drugs.  Suzy was a little dopey but she stood like a champ. Truth be told, I probably could have used a little something myself.)

Horse Photo - Ranger, Smokey, and River
The fellas keeping watch over Suzy. They don’t love that she is not out with them.

The doc  was patient as I asked lots of questions and took notes on exactly how to take care of our Q so that we could make sure she would be on the mend. We’ve been on the twice-a-day antibiotic regiment, changing wrappings, and trying to give sweet girl some extra loving.  Admittedly she’s getting a little stir crazy, so today I took her out on her lead rope and let her nibble some fresh grass.

The vet comes again this week and will remove the stitches and give us an update.  We’ve been so grateful for all of the prayers and concerns for Suzy.  All is looking great.  We checked in last week with the vet and did X-rays as a precaution, and the bone looked great.  And best of all, there is no pain.

Horse Photo - Sweet Suzy Q in the pasture
Suzy enjoying some munching in the pasture today. She needed to stretch her legs.

So as we keep the adventures rolling here at the farm, we hope they take a turn for the less dramatic.  Right now we’re waiting to see how big the cucumbers in the garden grow, and that is enough drama for this week.

P.S. – Sweet Suzy Q rocked out her vet wrap as we got her teal with stars.  And when I say we, I mean me.  I’ll take the responsibility for this one.  Cowboy is off the hook.

Horse Photo - Sweet Suzy Q
Suzy rocking the teal and star vet wrap. No one says a girl shouldn’t look pretty.



Farmtastic Recipes

Farmtastic Recipe – Praline Pull-Apart Bread

Spring and summer are when we welcome the most visitors to the farm.  It seems our city friends love to have an escape to the country life, and with wildflowers and sweet tea plentiful around here, we are considering installing a turnstile at the gate.

With that said, I love this recipe for it’s ooey gooey goodness as a dessert, or as a decadent breakfast complete with a cup of steaming coffee or tea.  Here’s to a sugar high!

The Recipe: Praline Pull-Apart Bread

The Source: Southern Living and (click for the official recipe)

Farmtastic Notes:

  • I prepared this just like the recipe, including using Rhodes White Dinner Rolls.  (If anyone is brave enough to try another roll, let me know how it goes. I’ve had such good luck, I can’t bring myself to try anything else.)
  • I’ve added more or less pecans, depending on what I know our guests like.  For example, Cowboy’s dad would be happy if I doubled up on the pecans, and Cowboy would prefer I leave them off all together.  How’s a farmgirl to win?
  • This does require chilling for 8 to 18 hours before cooking. I find putting it together the night before to be the perfect solution.  It means for an easy day.
  • This has definitely become a family favorite.  My grams has decided it’s better than birthday cake!
  • Leftovers are yummy for about two days, if you and your guests can keep from gobbling them sooner. I keep them in a glass cake pedestal with  cover.

I’d love to hear what you think of this recipe, so give it a try and share your thoughts.

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PSA: The Farm Is Full

This is a public service announcement to critters everywhere: the farm is full.  We love y’all dearly, but for the love of all that is country life,  we simply can’t take one more right now.  When we lost our dear sweet Abby girl earlier this year, we were down to 16 beloved fur-kids of all shapes and sizes.  Cowboy and I were content to let the number dwindle on its own over time, but alas the animals had other plans.

Cat Photo - Yeller Feller peeking out from behind the fence.
Yeller Feller peeking our behind the wild verbena, contemplating coming in for dinner.

Enter Yeller Feller.  (Yes, you can thank Cowboy for his name.) A yellow tabby tomcat with  no tail.  We’d seen him from time to time around the farm, but he’d dart away quickly and was clearly a wild kitty.  Until, that is, Cowboy started feeding him.  Yes, you heard me correctly, Cowboy was the softy this time.  He started putting some extra kitty kibble out at night and low and behold Yeller Feller started getting brave and coming around.

He’s not quite sure about us just yet, but Cowboy has made time to sit in the chair outside the horse stalls and get closer to Yeller, and Yeller has rewarded him by letting him get a pet in.  We’ve now progressed to ear scratches, and he’s beginning to follow us around the farm during chore time.  He’s still not totally sure we are not going to eat him, but day in and day out, Yeller Feller is making his life on the farm.

So as soon as we can get his trust a bit more, we’ll be off to the vet for a round of shots and a neutering. Yeller Feller will live at the farm with fresh food and water and lots of pets as long as he wants to.  And likely over time, in the night time hours he’ll find his way into the barn with Nightmare to avoid the boogie man hours in the evening.

Which leads me to the second part of my PSA, people please spay and neuter your pets and don’t just dump them out to fend for themselves.  I’m not sure if Yeller Feller ever had a family or if he is the product of wild kitties himself, but he’s clearly heard the underground animal hotline that says the farm is an excellent place to call home.  While we love our critters here, what breaks my heart most of all is that so many of our critters lost their families or never had them to start with, all because folks did not care enough.

I truly believe that how we treat the least among us is what resides in our hearts.  We owe it to our animal friends to give them the best life we can, and not to abandon them.  It’s not fair to them, and it passes the responsibility down the road.  Yeller Feller, you certainly found a good road.  We’re glad you joined us, but please let the hotline know there is currently no room at the inn.

Cat Photo - Yeller Feller the kitty licking his lips
Yeller says, “Kitty food is mmm-mmm good.”

P.S. I secretly wonder if our beloved fur-kids who have crossed the rainbow bridge lead the next one to us.  Abby was yellow, and maybe she thought we were getting too many grey pets around here and needed to even the score.