Meet the Farm

The Wild Horse Valley Family

We’ve got critters galore here at Wild Horse Valley.  These are the faces that make our farmtastic life go round!

The Horses – Our big guys 


The Donkeys – Our protectors


The Dogs – Our couch potatoes 


The Cats – Our entertainment 


The Ones We  Miss – These are our sweet family members that have gone on to the rainbow bridge, always loved and never forgotten


All of the animals at Wild Horse Valley are spade, neutered, or gelded; most of them are rescues; and absolutely all of them are loved and pampered!

7 thoughts on “Meet the Farm

  1. Tammy, your dad called us Saturday night and told us about your farm. Living like you do would be my dream come true! Jack and I keep wishing and hoping we will win the lottery so we have bunches and bunches of animals like you do. Wishing you happiness and success on your far!

    1. Hi Kay – It’s so great to hear from you! It’s been forever. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I’m trying to keep a story a week coming. Hope you and Jack are doing well. Let us know if y’all ever want to visit Texas. I know Mom and Dad would love to see y’all. Hugs!

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