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Pete and Repeat

I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl, and some times the crazy, corny jokes that he told me as a kid just get stuck in my head.  Lately, this is the one that is parked on my brain:

Dad: Pete and Repeat sitting on the fence.  Pete fell off and who was left?
Me: Repeat.
Dad: Pete and Repeat sitting on the fence.  Pete fell off and who was left?

You can imagine the little girl giggles this created, as this could go on and on.  But the reason it’s been on my mind lately is that I think it is the perfect description of the crazy Texas weather and the farm antics that ensue when we are frozen in.

Just a few short winters ago we were stuck in the snow in a major way, at least for Texas. This winter we were iced in yet again, and let’s just be honest here,  winter is certainly not over.  While I have still not mastered the ability to be graceful on ice, and my hopes for this are waning each year, the farm chores still have to get done.  As Sweet Suzy Q will tell you, it might be cold and she may have fresh hay, but she is most definitely positive that she still needs to have her feed twice a day or she very well may wilt.

I’m happy to report that with each winter here at the farm, Cowboy and I learn something new and feel like we make little improvements. For example the mud boots required for this weather are in place and in multiples!

The big “yehaw” this year is that we (and by we I mean Cowboy) were able to install underground waterlines to all of the stalls.  This means we were not dealing with miles of frozen hose.  Can I get an amen!  We did still have some frozen spigots and at times were relegated to one water trough, but everyone had access and we were able to keep it refreshed and heated for all our equine kids.

What do we still need to work on?  Well there was the matter of the ice on the roof shifting and ripping loose the gutters, which resulted in me skittering outside across the ice only to shuffle back inside and tell Cowboy, “I think we have a problem.”  Cowboy investigated and concurred, always frightening since I’m the worrier.  After bracing things with the tractor, shoveling, heating, and fiddling, he had us back in business.  Thank goodness Cowboy is so handy, or I’m not sure how this farmtastic life would work.

Things on the wish list for next winter? Water heaters for all the horse troughs that are “play proof,” especially for my curious fellows.  (It seems the female persuasion around here can leave well enough alone.)

So bring it on winter. Pete and Repeat sitting on the fence.  Pete fell off and who was left?

P.S.  Cowboy and I have a dream that one winter we will have it all nailed down before hand.  I’m not so sure that will happen, but we are giving it one farmtastic try.

2 thoughts on “Pete and Repeat

  1. Like!! I hope winter will be milder from here on though. I can’t say I miss getting around snow all that much.

    1. Wrote this one thinking of your request for a winter update. Right now we are in the seesaw weather of 70 degrees one day and 30 the next. It’s one big adventure!

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