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Everything’s Coming Up … Dishes?

For those that know me personally, I’m a grand fan of shabby chic, or as I sometimes call it farmgirl chic.  If it’s chipped, dented, has faded paint, a great floral pattern, or just some lovely old thing, I am simply smitten.  I fell in love with this style early on in life for the romance of it, and later in life for the shear practicality of it (read adorable on a budget).

As you can probably guess, I also love a good garage sale, tag sale, or antiques store to rummage through.  And it’s on these many journeys that I am always drawn to the dishes.  Cowboy will moan, “You really need another dish?  You realize there are just two of us.” Luckily for me, the moaning is followed by the handing out of cash.

So what’s one to do with a fabulous dish?  Well there is the obvious of adding it to the ever-growing stash in the cabinet, or if it’s extra special finding a spot for it on the wall.  (NOTE: Arrangements of plates make great wall art.)  But what about taking the dishes to the garden?  Yes, I said garden.  Here are some great tips for using old dishes outside:

  1. Use them as a border – I dig small trenches, bury the plates halfway deep, and voila instant unique garden border.
  2. Add them to pots – I am a fan of using old galvanized buckets for pots.  I often tuck a small plate in next to the plant to spruce it up.
  3. Wire them to a fence – I am desperately trying to grow a rose bush over one of my fences right now.  Plates add some immediate color while I’m patiently (read not so much) waiting for the plants to bloom.

The great thing is they are cheap (you can easily pick them up for under a dollar a piece), you can mix and match, they are unique to your collection, and they are plenty durable for the outside.

Happy planting and plating!

2 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up … Dishes?

  1. Whoops. What a great idea! I love the contrast with the white plates on the dark ground. And the mix-and-match idea is perfect for shabby chic. I’m going to have to find a patch of garden to try this with. Maybe behind my morning glory trelises (while I’m waiting for the flowers to come in).

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