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I’m Still Here …

There is a saying I love that goes, “Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town.”  Well it should be amended to say, “Behind every family who lives the country life, someone is working a day job or two in the city.”  All that to say, Cowboy and I have been busy around here with our day jobs, but trust me the farm antics are still in full force.  Please accept my apologies, as I’ve sorely neglected my blog.  I have so appreciated all of the wonderful feedback and support for our stories.

I’ve done a little reworking of the blog tonight to take better advantage of the categories feature .  My plan is to continue to write the short stories, but mix it up with farmtastic tips (things I’ve learned the hard way or just plain ole fun stuff), farmtastic cooking (recipes I love), farmtastic gardening (fun thoughts on ways to make your garden sparkle).  So make sure to use the categories on the right hand side if there is something you are particularly passionate about.  Hopefully you will enjoy the variety and keep reading, as I sure do appreciate you!

Oh, and just for fun I’ve added a new Meet the Farm page, where I’ll keep a photo gallery of all the critters who call Wild Horse Valley home.  God bless and thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here …

    1. Yes – we hunkered down complete with kennels and halters just in case. We are all safe and sound and praying for those who were not so lucky. Thanks for checking on us!

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